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Academics & Mentoring

Wayne County Community Schools connects students with appropriate tutoring and mentoring services in and around Wayne County.

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Child & Adult Literacy Programs

Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County’s child programs include school collaborations, Books from Birth, and more. Adult programs include literacy, English language, math improvement, job training, and more.

Hobart-William Smith Tutoring & America Reads Program

Starting as a partnership in 2017, Hobart and William Smith (HWS) Colleges has shared students with local school districts to provide two forms of tutoring support. Students at the middle- and high school levels in participating districts have had the opportunity to attend learning labs after school. These labs allow the HWS students to interact on either a one-on-one or small-group basis, focusing on work completion and test preparation. Just as important, the HWS students serve as role models to the adolescent attendees.

After the success of this model, HWS students started implementing the America Reads Program for elementary students who would benefit from additional support with their literacy skills. Each elementary student was partnered with an HWS student to work on various critical reading and writing skills. In both forms of tutoring, students are excited to attend and often improve their academic performance. Additionally, students have the opportunity to build relationships with young adults.

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NYS Mentoring 2020 Status Report

The New York State Mentoring Program

The New York State Mentoring Program is the nation’s first school-based one-to-one mentoring program. This highly successful program screens and trains volunteers and matches them to children in their communities. The New York State Mentoring Program follows a research-based model of mentoring in which Mentors and Mentees meet one-to-one in a supervised environment at a set time and location. Mentors serve as our partners in schools, courts and the foster care system. This format not only allows for the volunteer mentors to properly manage their busy schedules, but also provides much needed consistency to the mentoring relationship.

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