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Wayne County, New York

Landscape photo of the Sodus Bay Lighthouse in Sodus NY
Wayne County Courthouse

Wayne County has eleven public school districts that serve approximately 14,000 school-age children. Bordered on the north by Lake Ontario and hedged in by the historic Erie Canal, Wayne County is home to rich farmlands and orchards, precision manufacturing, and historical landmarks. Challenges typical for rural America, including transportation, access to clinical care, and opportunities for enrichment and growth, are addressed by our Community Schools model. 

We in Wayne County pride ourselves on collaboration. The Wayne County Partnership convenes to focus the energy of agencies, local government, and schools on the well-being of families. To learn more about the Partnership, please visit and sign up for the regular, bi-weekly Partnership newsletter

You can explore more about Wayne County here:

Wayne County Homepage
Wayne County Tourism
Museum of Wayne County History

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