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Wayne County Community Schools

Shaping What It Means To Grow Up In Wayne County

Our Mission

Empowering the Future

Wayne County Community Schools is committed to developing collaborative programs centered at schools that stretch out into the community to help young people and families learn, grow, and thrive.

Wayne County Community Schools employs the Community Schools framework to make effective changes for our youth across Wayne County both inside and outside of school.

Children playing with chalk during a summer program
STEADY Work youth helping a business owner

Featured Programs


The STEADY Work Program provides paid work opportunities and job skill training to youth aged 14-24.

Family & Community Engagement

Dedicated team for delivering services to create a sense of attachment, belonging, and support in Wayne County Communities.

Community School Coordinators

Dedicated team for implementing, integrating, aligning, and coordinating Community School Pipeline Services at the school-building level. 

Optimal Health Initiative

Dedicated team that partners with schools and community agencies to provide equitable, health-targeted resources that empower youth and families to achieve their optimal potential.

Out-Of-School Opportunities

Wayne MOST (Maximizing Out-of-School Time) is a network of youth advocates focused on After-School and Extended Learning and Enrichment Opportunities for kids in Wayne County.

Basic Needs

Our Basic Needs Program ensures that all Wayne County Residents have access to basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.

Our Partners

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