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Five Dollars Forever

The Five Dollars Forever Initiative is a powerful opportunity to invest in the growth and the future of Wayne County Community Schools.

The work of Community Schools relies on more support than any one school district can provide. Your donation to the Wayne County Community Schools Fund will help improve academic outcomes, promote pro-social behavior, enhance career- and college-readiness, and offer enrichment opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. This is done through tutoring, mentoring, counseling, field trips, and more – all activities that the Community Schools Fund can and will support here in Wayne County.

The $5 you donate today will sustain and grow the Wayne County Community Schools Endowment Fund today, tomorrow, and in the long term. That means that your investment today will benefit students for generations to come.

The Process

The Rochester Area Community Fund does not currently offer the tools for us to receive recurring donations automatically. So at this time, our Investment Initiative is more interactive than a mere click-and-forget. On the first day of each month, we’ll send a friendly reminder to visit the Rochester Area Community Foundation website and make your monthly contribution. All you have to do is complete the pledge card below and select “send me a reminder.”

It’s as simple as that!

While you’re at it, select to receive the Community Schools Fund quarterly newsletter for updates, information, and more!

Thank you so much for your support and contribution!

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