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Community Schools Coordinator

Primary person responsible for the implementation, integration, alignment, and coordination of Community School Pipeline Services at the building level. This includes after-school, mental health, career awareness, and building relevance to curriculum to develop Attachment, Regulation of Self, Competence, and Health for young people through Collaborative relationships. Emphasis on belief in the importance of Family Engagement and Youth Voice is essential.

About the Role

Hiring Through

Finger Lakes Community Action


Community Schools

Job Location

In School Building

Salary Range

$20-$27 per hour depending on experience


Requirements –
  • NYS Fingerprint Clearance

  • Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in Education & Human Service Field (Master’s degree preferred)

  • Relevant life experience in a human service sector, especially schools.

Abilities and Skills –
  • Experience working with students, educators, families, and high need rural communities.

  • Ability to use a positive youth development strengths-based approach.

  • Awareness of the impact of Trauma and approaches to build resilience.

  • Possess the ability to work collaboratively with strong relationship building skills.

  • Primary liaison between the school, community agencies, other school districts and collaborative work groups.

  • Oversight of grant funded projects falling within the realm of Community Schools.

  • Awareness of ESSA and ability to engage in efforts that directly relate to accountability metrics like Chronic Absenteeism.

Job Tasks & Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities –
  • Pipeline Services: Implement a continuum of needs-driven, high-quality programs and services in adherence with the community school model, including but not limited to expanded learning opportunities, health services, parent/family engagement adult education, direct material assistance, and interventions targeted to chronically absent students.

  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports: Ensure alignment and integration of all programming between the building, the district and the community by attending building and district level MTSS meetings across all tiers and community and county meetings to integrate and align supports for students and families.

  • Inclusion: Provide directly or arrange for training and technical assistance to ensure cultural and linguistic appropriateness of services, programs, and communication efforts. Engage community agencies to help students and families feel welcome and supported regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation or personal circumstance.

  • Advocate: Organize and oversee assets and needs assessments on an ongoing basis and seek input from teachers, schools, school staff, parents, and students to determine ongoing needs of students and families, including ESSA recommended surveys.

  • Connect: Serve as a point person for agencies and programs interested in partnering with the school, facilitate alliances, and help to broker new partnerships with county agencies and not-for profits partners that are aligned with school goals and needs, establishing a continuum of services for students. Develop strong relationships with teachers, parents, and students.

Examples of Typical Duties:
  • Work with the Parent Liaison to ensure that families have meaningful opportunities to participate in the school.

  • Encourage Youth Voice through Community Circles; help connect & build positive teacherstudent relationships.

  • Arrange for volunteers, food donations and food distribution from the food pantry.

  • Assist the Principal in the integration of Career Awareness into the curriculum.

  • Assist the Satellite Mental Health Clinician in identifying persons in need of training for Suicide Prevention or referral making.

  • Suggest specific afterschool activities and assist afterschool staff in recruiting workshop presenters; offer workshops & facilitate student leadership.

  • Coordinate with teachers to target interventions, and track and monitor impact of interventions through MTSS.

  • Build relationships and mechanisms to effectively link the school day to expanded learning opportunities like 21st CCLC or Advantage Afterschool or Summer Program.

  • Support research/evaluation of the community school by supervising and coordinating the collection of data, timely submission of reports and responses to other requests for information by any funder or accountability agency.

  • Work with school leadership to focus on results and track progress for particular programs; adjust whenever programs are not making an impact on student achievement.

  • Participate in capacity-building activities, including initiative-wide and site-based trainings, network meetings; build staff engagement and awareness of our Community Schools efforts.

  • Coordinate the allocation of space for student and family support services, and for special events.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Building Principal or Wayne County Consortium of Community Schools Director

How To Apply

Send completed application & references to, cc, with the subject line: Community Schools Application: Community Schools Coordinator

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