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¿Qué es un coordinador de escuelas comunitarias?

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El papel de un coordinador de escuelas comunitarias

The community schools strategy transforms a school into a place where educators, local community members, families, and students work together to strengthen conditions for student learning and healthy development. As partners, they organize in- and out-of-school resources, supports, and opportunities so that young people thrive. The school community, led by a community school coordinator/manager, works to develop a vision and goals for the school, student and family well-being, and student learning.

One of the foundational parts of the CS Coordinator's role is to build relationships with students, staff, families, organizations, and service providers in the community. The Coordinator is responsible for brokering and sustaining partnerships that align with the vision at their particular site. Partnerships fall under the Four Pillars of Community Schools. CS Coordinators work alongside school administrators, teachers, counselors, and nurses to organize existing resources, programs, and opportunities around student success. This unique job requires adaptability, strategic thinking, and leadership.

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